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Welcome to Tapola (Eco & Agro Tourism) , Satara , India

Tapola (Eco & Agro Tourism)

Tapola Agro Eco Tourism, Satara  Formerly known as Tapola (mini kashmir), this village with a population of about 300, sites on the tophills of the high range mountain range as it stretches into the "Sahyadri" that is the Wasota and Uteshwar Mandir. Surrounding the village are well farmlands and orchards of rice and other cash crops and farms with dairy cows and fish .

From this agricultural background, the area villagers are diversifying into sustainable tourism with the objective of preserving the rural culture, the environment and the traditional activities for future generations.

Through small farmers group run guest houses and restaurants, festivals , the villagers open their doors for visitors to join them in the traditional village lifestyle; there is good food as well as demonstrations of activities and other activities like trail walking and Boat rides.

Eco-tourism is friendly and a great way to experience the rural side of Mahabaleshwar, so come along and get involved. The eco-tourism and community based tourism activities in the village were initiated by a group of villagers and have made significant steps forward.


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